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Derek Murchie

Derek began his fitness career twenty-five years ago when he was ranked as a National Caliber competitive swimmer. For the last ten years he has owned and operated his own personal training business and during that time he succeeded in holding the Canadian Record in the 50 meter Backstroke for two years as well as the World Record in the Mixed Medley Relay. Derek's most recent accomplishment was successfully finishing the 2010 Ironman Canada.

Derek is NSCA Certified and Spinning® Certified.

Danielle Adler

With many years of teaching in studios around the city, Danielle is delighted to join the Max Revolution team. Having shed 50 pounds herself, Danielle is a true believer in the power of spin to change your body and your life. She is known for teaching classes that combine intensity and challenge with great music and tons of energy!

Donna Herscovitch

In 2000, Donna successfully climbed and conquered Mt. Everest. It’s this love of challenge which makes Donna’s class an intense, superior spin. A Certified Spinning instructor for over 10 years, Donna has taught in countless clubs around the city. An avid rider, Donna brings her knowledge of the road to her spin classes. This, combined with great music and technical routines, makes for a fun and very challenging ride.


Liz has always been involved in an active lifestyle. She joined Max Revolution as a client in June 2011 and developed a new passion for spinning. She decided the best way to share her passion with others was to become an instructor. Since then she has been looking for new adventures including climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in 2018 and most recently completing in her first Triathlon. For Liz working out is not just a hobby it’s an essential part of life.

Amy Levine

Amy hopped on her first spin bike at the ripe old age of 13 and never looked back. As the mother of two very energetic kids, Amy uses her passion for health and well being combined with her education in theatre and dance to bring a fun yet challenging atmosphere to every one of her classes. She is thrilled to be joining the Max Revolution team. Come join Amy on the bike - she cant wait for the ride!

Chuck Rosenberg

Chuck has always maintained a high level of fitness, practicing a healthy, active lifestyle throughout his life. Having spent a decade working in NYC as a TV producer and director, his routine included running along the Hudson River and Central Park in the early hours of the morning, prior to going to work, as well as evening routines in the gym. Chuck is an avid road cyclist, favouring long steady climbs on weekend endurance rides on country roads.

Certified as a cycling instructor through CRTT and ICTC, Chuck has taught his own brand of spin classes for almost a decade. He says, “there is nothing that fulfills me more than spinning in a class made up of fellow riders, each of whom has their own physical and personal challenges and goals. And after a near fatal hiking accident in Costa Rica in 2015, surviving an 8-storey fall from a cliff, Chuck knows all about physical and personal challenges. One year of grueling physical rehabilitation later, Chuck was back on the bike, literally taking baby-strides until he was ready to teach again. “As an instructor, I’m in a position to lead a class and motivate each rider to achieve their own objectives, no matter what their level of fitness. My focus is building a ride to awesome music, pushing my spin students limits and, most important, having f-u-n!” .

Elise Tzurkov

Elise has been working in the fitness industry for almost 20 years, teaching various classes, working in corporate fitness and personal training. She also teaches a Health Fitness Trainer Diploma at Bryan College and once jumped out of a perfectly good airplane:-)

She’s super excited to be back on the saddle at Max Revolution!

Neil Zworth

Neil has competed in numerous marathons, 30k's, half's 10 milers etc., and took up cycling and spinning to both augment the running and stay injury free. Duathlons are on his current list of events. Neil is as passionate about music as he is about training, so the marriage of play lists to Max Revolution's cadence conditioning is a key feature of his classes.