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Single Spinning Class $22.60
Spinning 10 pack $179.00
Spinning 20 pack $338.00
30 Day Unlimited Spin Pass $169.00
90 Day Unlimited Spin Pass
180 Day Unlimited Spin Pass
1 year Unlimited Spin Pass: $1,199.00.00
(Paid in Full)
or $1,308.00
(on a monthly preauthorized instalment plan of $109/ month)

Introductory Spin: This class is perfect for beginners or people looking to ease back into shape in a more relaxed environment. Proper riding position and technique will be taught, followed by a 45 minute easy to moderate ride complete with warm down and stretching.

Regular Spin: This class is designed for an intermediate to advanced spinner. Our instructors will take you through a 50 to 55 minute cardio adventure followed by a 5 to 10 minute warm down and stretch. Inspirational music combined with motivational instructors will ensure that participants have an enjoyable and challenging ride.

Advanced Spin: Designed to challenge even the most seasoned rider, this class combines an endurance ride with steep climbs and high intensity intervals. This ride will leave you feeling accomplished and exhilarated.

Group Spin: For a $169.00 you and your friends can reserve a one hour Spin with one of our trainers during a time when our regular scheduled classes are not taking place. Bookings must be made at least one week in advance.

Theme Spins: Once a month, one of our Certified Instructors will host a musically themed spin. Some upcoming Theme Spins are…Halloween, American Idols, White Rappers, Billboard Charts, The Madonna and Brittany Face Off.

Please check our schedule for the theme spin of the month and remember to leave us your idea for a theme spin in our Music Suggestion Box.


8 Sessions Twice a week for 4 Weeks $169.00

Boot Camp: This four week program is a perfect way to kick start your way back into great shape. A combination of circuit and interval training allows you to proceed at your own pace. Every session will bring a new set of diverse and challenging exercises that will incorporate such moves as Squats, Lunges, Core Training and Plyometrics. Upbeat music and small class sizes ensures a fun filled environment that is sure to bring out the best in each participant. Maximum 10 Participants.