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What is Spinning?

Spinning is indoor cycling training that is low impact and that delivers an excellent cardiovascular workout. At Max Revolution we use Spinner Shift Bikes manufactured by Precor designed to fit all shapes, sizes and abilities.

I am only able to perform low impact exercise, is spinning for me?

Spinning is a low impact exercise which makes it ideal for anyone, even those with knee or joint issues. The weighted flywheel on a spinning bike allows for an excellent cardio vascular workout while delivering a smooth steady resistance that is very easy on the body.

I have never tried spinning before, will I be able to keep up?

At Max Revolution we offer Beginner Classes for those individuals just starting out. But for all classes, Spinning participants determine their own level of exertion which allows people of different levels to attend the same class.

Will spinning help me lose weight?

Yes. As with any exercise program, if done regularly spinning will help you to shed pounds. The average calorie burn in a single class is 400 calories but one can burn up to 600 calories. Remember, aside from burning calories, spinning will get you fit and more energized.

What should I bring?

A pair of firm soled shoes, comfortable workout gear and a water bottle.


Are the Boot Camps for all fitness levels?

Boot Camps are a more intense workout in the sense that participants are pushed a bit harder then they would push themselves. Please refer to the Boot Camp description for examples of some of the types of exercises that will be performed during Boot Camp.